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Consultation is open!

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The time has arrived for the people of Argyll and Bute to explore our proposal for school leadership, and contribute their thoughts as we shape the best way ahead.

Why is change needed now? There are several reasons. For instance, our school population is falling and, when it comes to recruitment, there’s a shortage of experienced teachers. A series of significant national education reforms are also just around the corner. The Education Transformation Board at Argyll and Bute Council believes we must take positive action now to tackle these and other challenges by helping schools to work more effectively together. By making these changes, we will protect our schools, enhance the education of our pupils and build a stronger team of educators.

If you’re a parent, a guardian or simply a resident of Argyll and Bute, you can discover what the proposals will deliver and submit your feedback here on EmpoweringOurEducators.co.uk

Meanwhile, toolkits have been sent to all community councils and parent councils, helping them to hold their own feedback sessions and report back to us. If this of interest to you, please contact your local group to get involved.